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Qualifications for slackline instructors

As an ISA-certified slackline instructor it is possible to attain a number of different additional qualifications. One of those is the RIGGER qualification. In order to become a certified rigger, one must first become an INSTRUCTOR and then attend rigging modules offered by one of the member organisations of the ISA.For successful participation in one of these modules, an INSTRUCTOR can earn points towards a qualification. Once 5 points are acquired, it is possible to apply for the certification, which is granted by the education committee of the ISA. The number of points granted by each module is dependent on its content and duration and are decided upon by the ISA education commission as well.


  •     Valid INSTRUCTOR qualification
  •     Valid first aid certificate
  •     5 RIGGER module points


Modules are organised by the national member organisations within their own educational program. Any member can submit a course as rigging module to the ISa education commission. All courses need to entail a test or evaluation of some sort. The points awarded by each module are only valid for 3 years. RIGGERs therefore need to keep attending modules, otherwise they lose their qualification. Modules also count as refresher for the INSTRUCTOR.
List of accepted modules (more added on the fly)

ISA - Safety Event
1 point for attending the workshops

Gotthard, others - Highline rigging course
1 points for attending
3 points for leading a workshop

DSV - Rescue Training
1 point for attending
2 points for leading a workshop

Swiss Slackline & DSV - Advanced Rigging Course
1 points for attending
2 points for leading a workshop

Swiss Slackline - Rigging Championship
1 point for reaching the final

Highline Festival Rigging Crew (1 point)

More to follow!
Contact us for suggesting new modules.


Once all the prerequisites are met, the applicant has to send an application to the committee, which then decides to allow the applicant to take the written exam or not. The written exam is an online form that needs to be filled out and includes a variety of different relevant situations and rigging problems.