Rigger Certification

The RIGGER certification is intended to help festival organisers, local clubs and individual highliners with permissions, insurance, liability and alleviate access issues in general. Certified riggers are expected to be active members of the slackline community with a strong sense of responsibility and attention to detail.

The course is not a workshop, but a certification only. It basically consists of three days of testing to guarantee that the participants are capable and reliable riggers. Participants need to demonstrate their knowledge and ability in a variety of different environments and setups. Not only do they need to be able to rig highlines, but also efficiently coordinate their efforts with others, adhere to protocols and checklists provided by festival organisers and be able to assess and mitigate risks associated with events, festivals and slackline shows.

This certificate will aid you in becoming a more professional rigger, enabling you to assist and rig on festivals, negotiate with city officials and insurances, and in combination with an instructor certificate allow you to give highline focused workshops and courses according to ISA standards.

About the ISA Education Commission

The ISA Education Commission is a dedicated group of volunteers who are committed to spreading the wealth of knowledge . Originally founded in Bern, Switzerland in August 2017 as a working group, and officially established as a commission one year later, the EC has worked tirelessly to develop an international standard of educational methods that have been developed into internationally accredited courses. We offer instructor and rigger training courses at slackline events and festivals worldwide and presently have over 300 instructors certified in Europe and the Americas.