Ressources and Success Stories

How and where slackline access came to be

This page is an expandable collection of ressources and successful access negotiations between slackliners and the respective stakeholders and managers of the slackline spots. Slackliners involved in access negotiations may find useful information about similar cases, find valuable contacts or new argumentative strategies to aid them along the way. 

The folders below are the main way navigate the stories and find examples relevant to your specific case. The folders names allow for the search of specific cases, for example by country, by type of slackline or only nature/alpine or urban cases.

Largely because regulations are different everywhere and it can be useful to study examples from the country in question, even if the situation is different

A key feature of these access stories, apart from providing ideas and pre-established solutions for slackliners looking to wager into negotiating access, is the main contact that is provided for every access story mentioned. The email address or other contact details can help slackliners prepare for their own access negotiations by talking to someone who has experience with the topic. However, as every country has different laws, every access story is unique. There are no clear-cut answers to most problems. In many cases fighting for access can be a game of persistence and resourcefulness.